Our tradition of deep connection to nature is finding new expression as we remake our campus into a model of sustainability.

Deep regard for the great outdoors has always been at the core of who we are—walking the trails at dusk, 攀登你认为不可能攀登的山峰, 大清早给马厩打扫卫生. Today more than ever, living sustainably is an essential part of that ethos. 目的 strives to be a leader in sustainable 实践s and to equip and inspire our students to take action, 制定大胆的解决方案, 作为地球的终身管家.

事实上, 目的 has been named a Green Achiever in the California Green Ribbon Schools recognition program, 州一级的最高荣誉, 并获得了2017年美国杰出人物的官方称号.S. Department of Education Green Ribbon School alongside other sustainability-minded schools from around the nation. 两个程序都能识别 卓越的资源效益, 健康和福利, 以及环境和可持续发展教育.



  • 太阳能电池阵列

    目的是2,898面板, 745 kilowatt system generates more than 90 percent of the School’s electricity, 约1.每年2200万千瓦. 点击 在这里 for a live dashboard showing current and historical power production. 
  • 绿杯挑战赛

    每2月, mg冰球突破豪华版试玩网站的220名寄宿学生缩短了洗澡时间, 昏暗的灯光, 低恒温器, 并回收更多的垃圾,因为他们争夺最环保宿舍的称号. 这种友好的竞争赋予了学生力量, 构建社区, and raises awareness about climate change and the importance of resource conservation.
  • 猪计划

    Several generations of well-tended porkers have completed the loop in our community’s food cycle by feeding on Dining Hall food scraps and eventually becoming food themselves. 除了减少浪费, this program affords students a crucial firsthand glimpse into food systems.
  • 养蜂

    目的的学生养蜂计划支持健康的, productive colony of local bees that pollinate campus plants and have supplied the community with more than 90 pounds of honey.
  • 马粪堆肥

    目的 recently completed construction of a manure and food waste composting facility, 部分资金由威尔J. 瑞德基金会. 而不是用卡车运送1,200 tons of manure produced annually by 目的’s 130 horses off campus, 我们就地堆肥,用作牧场的护根物, 果树, 以及景观美化,以减缓土壤侵蚀, 构建土壤有机质, 改善植物健康, 减少用水量.
  • 节约用水

    在奥康河谷,节约用水是当务之急. 以及有针对性的节水工程, 目的 has partnered with Banyan Water to adopt a total water management program. 我们的共同努力,获得了 2018年度环保领袖产品奖, have generated a 56 percent reduction in annual water use from 2013 levels. 节水工程包括, 在宿舍和教师家中安装低流量设备, 升级灌溉系统, 选择性浇水, and the use of greywater from our dormitory laundry machines to irrigate trees (saving up to 550,000加仑的水), 上田区新建节水型运动场, 以及榕树用水监测系统.
  • 雨水排水

    A generous grant allowed 目的 to host a greywater workshop for 30 technicians from all over California. The class’s practical project was the design and installation of a 5,000-gallon rainwater harvesting system for half of one of the barn roofs. The program expanded with a catchment system added to the Los Padres sophomore boys dorm, and plans to install rainwater harvesting systems on every 马 Program area roof, 哪一个, 只有3英寸的雨, have the potential to collect all the water the 马 Program uses in a year (600,000加仑).
  • 社区外展计划

    环境行动委员会(EAC)致力于连接, 合作, and exchanging ideas with other schools and environmental organizations in the Ojai Valley and beyond. Through the 社区外展计划 they’ve scheduled beach clean-ups, 有组织地铲除河床杂草, 采用了奥康自行车道的一部分, 和更多的.
  • 运输船队

    目的 made changes to its transportation fleet in an effort to significantly increase energy efficiency. The School partnered with Enterprise Fleet Leasing and Maintenance Services, 租了一组新的suv和两辆可插电式混合动力车. 通过租赁而不是拥有, 目的可以定期升级到最新版本, 高续航里程SUV车型, 减少燃料的使用量. In the same vein, the C-Max Energi hybrid vehicles have improved our fuel efficiency from 13.9mpg ~ 32mpg. 同样的车队行驶里程, the changes represent just over a 50 percent reduction in transportation greenhouse emissions.
  • 的沼泽地

    The 2012–13 Kumana Prize-winning student team made it their goal to rejuvenate Carpenter’s Orchard, an increasingly desiccated six acres on campus that were being used for horse paddocks. This student effort helped establish runoff protection needed to allow the broadcast of compost from our new manure composting project. 第一个堆肥是在2015年5月进行的.
  • 学生 and 教师 built the campus coop that is now home to a brood of 17 healthy hens. 鸡 饮食包括食堂的剩饭剩菜, 反过来, 提供新鲜的, 每周向社区提供可持续生产的鸡蛋.  

-可持续发展协调员Juan Sánchez

目的 strives to be a leader in sustainable 实践s and to equip and inspire our students to take action, 制定大胆的解决方案, 作为地球的终身管家.


Deeply rooted in its heritage of valuing the teaching power of the outdoors, 撒切尔学派 is committed to fostering in its community members a lifelong respect for nature and the environment. Aware of the significant environmental challenges the world faces in the 21st 世纪, 目的 strives to be a leader in sustainable 实践s and to equip and inspire its students with the tools they need to be good stewards of the planet.


  • Integrate respect for nature and the environment in all aspects of School life
  • 教, 实践, and encourage sustainable living of the entire 目的 community—students, 教师, 工作人员, 父母, 和校友
  • Reduce the generation of greenhouse gases by utilizing natural resources in the most efficient possible way
  • 减少、再利用和循环利用水、食物和其他废物
  • 为学生制定教育计划, 教师, and 工作人员 that emphasize individual responsibility and leadership to foster ecological sustainability and environmental health as well as personal health
  • 通过我们的mg冰球突破豪华版试玩网站和榜样, create a positive impact for sustainable living for our neighbors in the Ojai Valley and beyond



Notice of nondiscriminatory policy as to students: 撒切尔学派 admits students of any race, color, 国家, 以及所有权利的种族起源, 特权, mg冰球突破豪华版试玩网站, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the School. 它没有种族歧视, color, 国家, 以及在教育政策管理中的种族渊源, 入学政策, 奖学金和贷款mg冰球突破豪华版试玩网站, 体育和其他学校管理的mg冰球突破豪华版试玩网站.